Allow us to take your case,   we will research record files to see if you are owed money,  gather the appropriate forms that are required,  and only charge a contingency fee. If there are no funds due you,  you owe us nothing! Asset Recovery Court St.  help many individuals,  families,  estate members,  and businesses across the United States with their transactions and so many of them were unaware of funds that were owed to them.  You pay nothing until the check is sent.  People can do it on their own but they are very hard to find.  If they are found,  you do not know if all the government fees have been expensed out or will be charged and deducted from what is shown.  We are here to help you get through all that!!

Our trained team of research professionals use many tools to locate our clients,  we use private,  public,  and subscribed databases to find people and firms that are possibly due money.  This is the most time-consuming part of recovery and it can take several months to find you.  There are times that we even have to hire a private investigator to locate people.  Once one of our managers locate a party of interest,  we prepare a simple contingency agreement explaining the terms of the transaction.  Becoming one of our clients at Legal Specs,  we prepare all documents,  declarations,  etc.  required to document the rights to the assets.  We will deliver the required papers to be completed and returned to Asset Recovery Court St.  We will then assemble the packet and have quality control ensure all appropriate papers are together and delivered to the entity that is holding the funds.  Once we hear from the office they received our packet,  we will send out a confirmation letter and when approximately the funds will be sent,  this can take from 1 month to 3 months,  depending on if it has to go through the court process or not.  We will notify you when the asset holder approves your claim.  When the check is received,  it will go into escrow for one month and another letter will go out confirming it has been received,  at the end of 30 days,  a final accounting form will be enclosed with the check and sent to the party of interest with a survey questionnaire.  We will send the check with a tracking number so it can be traced.